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Yes! We carry products just like you would find in any major Malaysian supermarket or hypermarket.

You can look for your favourite brands or products using our Search bar or speak to our Customer Care team LIVE (it’s the button on the lower right side of the screen).

You can also email us at

Category: Products & Quality

We do indeed! Just type ‘Organic’ into the search box at the top of the page.

However we are unable to guarantee 100% accuracy with these listings as they are based on the best available information provided to us.

If you find an error, please inform us. We encourage all customers to check all details carefully at all times.

Category: Products & Quality

Yes we have a curated range of non-halal products.

MyGroser takes every measure to ensure that Halal and non-Halal products are completely separated during stocking, picking, checkout, and at various other times.

To ensure this, all non-halal items/order are packed using different bags and are sealed so they do not mix with items.

We do things the same way you see it done at hypermarkets and supermarkets across Malaysia 🙂

Category: Products & Quality
  • Please note that all photos on MyGroser are for illustration purpose only.
  • The packaging of the products may change due to festive seasons or promotional offers. MyGroser reserves the right to change/modify/cancel the packaging or the descriptions of listed products without prior notice.
  • If you do have concerns, please do let us know by speaking to our Customer Care team as quickly as you can.
Category: Products & Quality

All fresh, chilled and frozen products (fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, seafood, poultry) will be transported and delivered within thermal bags or ice packed packages as far as possible; or within plastic packaging to maintain temperature and freshness of your goods in transit.

You’ll generally get your products in colder condition then if you had gone to the supermarket yourself.

We take Freshness very seriously!

Category: Products & Quality

MyGroser is a premium grocery service that allows you to place orders for same day delivery as well as pre-ordered items. We work with thousands of brands to offer you the products you know, love and discover for your grocery, fresh produce, and everyday essentials needs.

Working with suppliers can sometimes lead to situations where products ordered to meet your needs do not arrive in time. Or they arrive but are not of sufficient quality for us to send to you.

In those circumstances, we will be forced to mark these items as Not in Stock (NS) or Out of Stock and provide you a refund instead. We understand this can be frustrating and ask your understanding based on the explanation above.