Well, that is an excellent question. While there is some confusion as many people claim to be online groceries, MyGroser is the ONLY independent, digital, and online grocery of its kind in Malaysia and probably Southeast Asia at this time (August 2019).

We believe that for a brand to say it is an online grocery it must:

  1. Have its own grocery, supermarket or warehouse that keeps products on hand. Otherwise you are just a fetch-and-carry service that buys things for people when they ask you to from other stores
  2. Have a fully functional e-commerce website and eventually mobile apps that work together
  3. Have its own full time, trained employees who pick the products you buy, pack them carefully, and ready them for transport
  4. Have its own full time, trained employees who deliver your products safely and securely
  5. Not use random strangers who are given your delivery address or who handle your food! Who wants that...right?
  6. Offers you secure payment systems that are backed by real banks
  7. Guarantees your freshness and convenience

We could go on, but that's a good start. Come chat with us if you'd like to know more.

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