We offer products at the same level of freshness - or better - than what you would find at many local supermarkets. The secret to this are MyGroser's Dark Stores that ensure that we give you the best, fresh products we can.

Our technology helps us order fresh items as close to the dates they are delivered as possible. All of our fresh items - meat, fish, vegetables and most fruits - are then kept in a variety of temperature controlled rooms.

This solution keeps your food fresher for longer - which means less wastage, contamination or damage to your food.

Is it like going to a supermarket or hypermarket?

Yes and no.

Yes we have the same range of products you can buy by going to a supermarket. But our products stay fresher longer, are managed and handled by dedicated employees who focus only on fresh groceries and everyday essentials, and your food is delivered to you by our trained teams.

No - you do not need to get in your car (or hail an expensive ride hailing company!), drive to the store, wait in line, hope to buy your products … we’re just a better grocery experience for you.

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